Retropearls: Finnish Kalle Kotipsykiatri

Kalle Kotipsykiatri amazed C-64 home users on the mid-eighties with it’s witty comments and the ability to have it’s conversations in finnish. I accidentally stumbled across the original BASIC-language source codes published on Mikrobitti magazine written by Jyrki J. J. Kasvi. I decided to convert the original Kalle to a modern bot platform. If you […]

Welcome Xbox!

I never really thought of myself as console player. Last Xmas I somehow remembered Fallout 3 – a really cool game that my coworker showed me years ago. In real life I only remembered the sepia colored screen and the atmosphere of the game that I fell in love instantly. Our family finally got a […]

Module maintenance

It’s perfectly normal for Gameboy and GBA games that you have to insert the module several times until it starts to work. Sometimes you have to repeat this even ten to twenty times. If the Magic Blow does not help, it’s time to clean the module contacts. Cleaning the contacts You need: Cotton swabs Solvent: Isopropyl alcohol Isopropyl alcohol Electronics […]

Video Games : The Movie

In addition to good SciFi, Netflix sometimes offers you nice surprises. Last one was “Video Games: The Movie“, which is currently available at least on Finnish Netflix. The movie contains for example Nolan Bushnell’s interview (Atari’s “father”), where he looks back to the video gaming history, and the rise and fall of Atari. Personally speaking; The best parts […]