The item is either totally new, or “new old stock”, meaning nobody has owned and used it before. If the item contains box, the container may have been opened for photos and testing the item and making sure everything works as it should. Good as new, you are the first owner.


The item is a pre-owned, and in excellent condition. It has been fully tested and working as it should. Item may still have some slight marks of usage or wear, mostly from storing the item. On games, this may mean marks of opening the product box, small signs of putting the game cartridge in / taking out of the console. On game cart, the label is intact, and there are no stickers or such attached to the item.


The item is pre-owned, and in good condition. It has been used by someone in the past, and contain normal age related marks of use like small scratches, dents, minor wear, tiny cracks or slight coloring on the item itself, but nothing out of the ordinary. Game carts of this class may have some slight wear or coloring to the cart and the label, and cart may have price sticker or such attached to the cart. On game consoles this means all the buttons, controllers and screen work perfectly. I try to keep this as the standard condition.


The item is pre-owned, and been in heavy use. Item works perfectly, and has no defects in functionality. On consoles this means all the buttons, controllers and screen work as they should. On game carts – the game itself functions. The item may have clearly visible scratch marks, small cracks or wear. May have coloring that’s beyond normal (for example, gray Gameboys tend to turn yellowish on age).

Having some defects

Some parts of the product don’t work as they should, or there are parts of the product missing. On gameboys, the screen may have a “dead line”. Game & Watch console may miss battery cover or have a slight LCD-screen bleed. On game modules – may have a crack in casing or missing label on the front of the module. In this case, see the item description of the defect.

Spare parts

The item cannot be used as is, and doesn’t work as it should, but may be used as spare parts for similar product. In this case, see the item description of the damage.