Never Grow Up!

I guess the habits learned as a kid at the 80’s die hard. I want a real joystick in my hand. Or a handheld with the cross controller. Just as my childhood games and consoles taught me. I guess I never really grew up.


I was born in 1971, which means that basically I grew up at the 80’s. My iPhone playlist is full of Van Halen, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Rainbow and such. And I deeply despise the crappy grunge music which became popular next after the divine hair metal era.

As for gaming, I have a soft spot for Nintendo Game & Watch consoles, Mattel Intellivision and Atari 2600. The next gen after me yearns for Gameboys or GBA’s they had as their first toys. And my kids will one day find themselves looking for old Wii’s, 3DS’s or Xboxes they play now with. I believe nostalgy it’s built into us.

Retrocket – Retro gaming

“Old computer games could not be won. They only get harder and faster until you died. Just like real life.”

iPhone game Bounce Delivery was my tribute to the games that left a mark on me. Today, Retrocket is my bow to the gear of the past. I try to keep Retrocket shop loaded with the things I loved, and the items that the next few generations grew up with. There are excellent condition collectors items. There are items that have just now become popular among the youngsters. And there are items that you just need from time to time, and I wanted Retrocket to be an easy place for you to get them. Like Pokébatteries. I have couple of other things, I’d like to offer… Let’s see what’ll happens in the future!

“Just one question. Why?”

Mostly for the pure joy that I can 😉 !

From game hobbyist side I use eBay, Finnish and couple of other fave sites. But as you know, they take their share of every sale, and this share always ends up in the price tag. They discourage in every way the buyer and the seller to discuss the items directly… the list goes on. On Retrocket, you can contact me freely, discuss the items, anything. I like this way better.

In addition to retro gaming, I love WordPress, Woocommerce, coding php, learning how to make wp plugins, and in general – tinkering with toys like these. At heart, I guess a bit nerd I am. Never underestimate the value of having fun!

Never Grow Up!

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