Video Games : The Movie

In addition to good SciFi, Netflix sometimes offers you nice surprises. Last one was “Video Games: The Movie“, which is currently available at least on Finnish Netflix.

The movie contains for example Nolan Bushnell’s interview (Atari’s “father”), where he looks back to the video gaming history, and the rise and fall of Atari. Personally speaking; The best parts of the the movie are it’s interviews – both gaming industry veterans and actual gamers (Wil Wheaton – Wesley Crusher in STTNG!!!). The final part where the professionals look into the gaming future (which they think is the virtual reality), is excellent food-for-thought.

From Atari to Xbox, this documentary follows the history and development of gaming industry from the original nerd point to a multimillion business.

Not exactly a documentary classic, but definitely worth seeing for all retro gamers. Retrocket recommends!

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