Welcome Xbox!

I never really thought of myself as console player. Last Xmas I somehow remembered Fallout 3 – a really cool game that my coworker showed me years ago. In real life I only remembered the sepia colored screen and the atmosphere of the game that I fell in love instantly. Our family finally got a flat screen TV for XMas, which had HDMI-ports. And as the years passed by, Xbox 360 wasn’t really an investment which it used to be, and the games were cheap… So why not?

Now after few months of Fallout, I’d say that the Xbox has moved in our house permanently. My daytime job may have affected this also, as Xbox is inevitable part of my work… The result: Retrocket welcomes new Xbox product category!

Xbox now on Retrocket!

I’ll try to keep the latest Xbox 360 Slim models available, as well as Kinect and original controllers at least to start with. Please comment this blog – what would you like to see available? Is there an Xbox game that you can’t find anywhere? I have also updated my “I buy” wishlist: Now includes Xbox One with accessories and games. I’m already dreaming of having Fallout 4 on my hands….

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